Would you like to learn some budget decorating ideas that will let you decorate your home for next to nothing?

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We can’t all shop in a home decorating store every time we want to make changes to the look of our homes, but you can still give your home a makeover, even when money's tight. Refresh your home's look with these budget decorating ideas that will cost you next to nothing.

Use Wall Stickers Differently

Many wall stickers, (available at most dollar stores) will adhere to any smooth surface. Use some of the smaller shapes to add interest to plain items like solid-color waste baskets and indoor flower pots. For example, I added a pink floral wall sticker to a burgundy-colored plastic waste basket I already had. It was a small enhancement that gave the waste basket the look of a higher-priced item.

Use wall stickers that are easily removable so they can be re-positioned and reused. They’re great for apartment living but don’t overuse them or your space will end up looking tacky rather than tasteful.

Calendar Page Wall Art

Instead of pining for expensive wall art, it’s a simple matter to frame some of your favorite images from old calendars to hang as a grouping on the wall.

I used some of my favorite images from a calendar of ancient maps to do just that. Using inexpensive 11 by 14-inch frames, I turned the paper liner from the frame over and centered the carefully cut out map on the white background. When it was framed, the paper liner looked like a mat around the image. This would work with any size calendar page.

Cushion Cover-Up

Cushion covers are a lot cheaper to buy than new cushions and make it very easy to change your décor with the seasons, if that’s what you like to do. I’ve made some good buys at discount stores where they sell plain and patterned cushion covers in a variety of colors.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are perfect home decor accents but most of us can't afford to buy fresh flowers all the time. Instead, scout your local green spaces for wild flowers. Living next to a forest helps, but you can always drive to a country road in the late spring and early summer and find wild daisies and other attractive posies growing along the roadside.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are not only attractive in their own right, but they also help to visually enlarge a small room. Most dollar store mirrors are notoriously small but you can buy several and hang them in a grid pattern like you would art. If you don’t like the color of the frames, you can use spray paint to give them a look that better suits your home. Hang your new mirror grouping where it will reflect light into the room.

These are just a few of the many budget decorating ideas that can help give your home a high-end look without the high-end price tag. Not only will you save money, but your rooms won't look like carbon copies of magazine images; they'll be unique, just like you.

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