How Can I Make My House a Home With Dollar Store Decorating?

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It is often difficult enough to pay the bills and to feed your family, making decorating your home seem out of the question. However, a home with no decorations often does not feel like a home at all, and it is important to add a few decorative touches to your home that shows that it is yours.

Luckily, it is possible to make your home attractive and to give it a homey feel with items from your local dollar store. If you think dollar store decorating is tacky, think again. Plenty of people -- even those who can afford more expensive items -- are cutting costs while still giving their home the look that they want by purchasing items from dollar stores in order to spruce up their homes.

Many dollar stores offer plenty of opportunities for creating your own decorations. At stores like Dollar Tree where items are only one dollar each, you have plenty of room to play around with your ideas without spending too much money. Dollar Tree usually sells interesting vases and other glass containers that can be filled with decorative stones, pretty seashells or layered potpourri for an instant home pick-me-up, and their selection of candles, candle holders and other related accessories often rivals the selection at more expensive retail stores.

Lit candles give a nice aura to any room, and many of them are scented, giving your home a nice smell that you will notice as soon as you walk in the door. These candles can be displayed on their own or in decorative candle holders, and you can add your own touch to make the look truly unique.

If you do not have a creative touch and are a bit nervous about creating your own decorations, you can still benefit from items sold at the dollar store. These stores often sell plenty of picture frames that are perfect for housing your favorite photographs, small mirrors that can be grouped on a wall for a unique look and even prints that do not look as cheap as they actually are. You can also often find cute little nick-nacks that would look great while displayed on your coffee table or mantle; at a dollar a piece, you surely can't beat it.

For those who like the look of faux flowers in the home, there are plenty of options at stores like Dollar Tree. You can often purchase plenty of inexpensive foliage and faux flowers, along with baskets and vases to place them in. This gives you the option to create the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement for your home, and the pieces are so inexpensive that you can regularly change them out to better suit your mood.

Even dollar stores such as Family Dollar or Dollar General offer affordable home decorating items, although most of these items do cost more than a dollar. You can often find nice curtains, lamps, lampshades and other decorative items for much less than at other stores, and these items typically do not look cheap at all. By mixing and matching homemade crafts, pretty pieces from dollar stores and a few favorite focal pieces, you can truly make dollar store decorating work for you and your family, and you can create an atmosphere in your home that you can be proud of.

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